Prayer List

Pastor Alan Clingan, Rodney Dill, Pastor Darrell Layman, Ronnie Hambleton Sr. , Kassy Rohrer, Mike Tobin, Leon Brumback, Grant Long, The family of  Steve Morgan, Denise House, Scott Scray, Debbie Painter, Lisa Bennett, Lloyd Smith, Gary Shank


      Those persons who are under long term medical treatment/care or are homebound:

Mark Cantaral, Pastor Chris Ramsey, April Ellis, Charles Anderson,  Benjamin Wagner, Donna Lowery, Roberta Taylor,  Paul Musser Sr.,  Wayne Blanton, Chris Musser, Luke Dessez, John Dessez, Laura Marshall, Sherrie Cameron

Those persons who are currently serving in the military,
law enforcement, or other emergency workers:

Zach Campbell, Allen Ecton, David Elliott, Brian Fogle, Sean Lucas, Kurtis Lowery, Gavin Maguire, Anthony Perez, JC Perez, Brandon Perkins, Joseph Redden, Rusty Shelow, Kyle Slemmer, Leon Souders, William Souders, Christopher Swiger, Jesse West, Holly Haislip